About Us

Custom Cast Stone, founded in 1993, has built a reputation for excellence in quality and customer service and maintains that reputation today. Being led by our co-founders 65 years experience in the masonry industry, has helped guide us through the years to successfully reach our goals. Knowing the Masonry business, and understanding the needs of the customer, makes it easy for our customers to do business with our entire staff. Shipping to over twenty states, we cover most of the eastern half of the United States. Our manufacturing plant was completed in 2002 and features some of the most recent State of the Art equipment and procedures; procedures that set us apart from other Cast Stone Plants. First, our batching system is a highly refined process that uses the latest technology. Our batching system features sensors throughout, constantly checking moisture levels at all important points of the process, to ensure consistent water content in every batch produced. This means accurate color consistency throughout your entire order. Next, our products are placed in our curing chambers, soaking in high humidity and vapor, to continue to hydrate our product throughout the day. Once production is finished, the chamber is then closed and our Vapor Generator is fired, producing a dense fog and a humid environment for a period of 12 hours. Curing our stone in this manner produces high compressive strengths overnight allowing for fast delivery and handling. Vapor curing also provides a carbonization of the surface thus eliminating efflorescence. Lastly, every piece is inspected for quality, cataloged on pallet tickets, palletized, and wrapped to reduce damage during shipping. It is then stored in our ten acre yard awaiting its final destination.
Quality, Technology and Customer Service is what sets us apart from the competition. Every employee understands the importance of quality and accuracy, and is dedicated to this endeavor. From our personnel, to the equipment and technology, Custom Cast Stone is “Setting the Standard” in our industry.