Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Why should I choose Cast Stone over other building products?

A: Cast Stone is a highly durable product that can withstand the test of time.
Q: What is the Cast Stone Institute?
A: The Cast Stone Institute is an organization of cast stone manufactures that strive to produce quality cast stone. They have very strict guidelines that ensure this and every member must offer a ten year warranty.
Q: What colors can I get Cast Stone in?
A: Cast Stone can be produced in virtually any color or texture.
Q: What is the cost difference between Cast Stone and Natural Stone?
A: Generally Cast Stone will be less expensive. Repetition is the key to accomplish this.
Q: What is the difference between Wet Cast and Dry Cast?
A: Wet Cast Stone is poured into a mold, vibrated and cured over night. Dry Cast “VDT” is a dry mix with an appropriate amount of water that is tamped using air powered tools, much like building a sand castle. With Dry Cast, the piece can immediately be de-molded. Both processes obtain the same result.
Q: What section will I find Cast Stone in a specification?
A: Section 04-72-00
Q: What is the ASTM for Cast Stone
A: ASTM C1364
Q: What are the limitations with Cast Stone and Design?
A: This all depends on application and profile. Please contact us so we can help you design your project and make sure it will perform correctly.
Q: Where can I purchase Custom Cast Stone?
A: Please enter your state in the Dealer Locator at the top of the page.